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The Money Mummy


My name is Charlotte – I am a financial coach, and I specialise in working with new and expectant parents.

Financial coaching with me is a 4 step process. 

First, we need to clarify what kind of lifestyle you want for your children and for yourself. Secondly, we go on a journey. Together, we learn how you think about money, how you talk about money, and what money means to you. Third, we “challenge” that behaviour, identifying where it might not have been serving your financial goals for your family, and we hit “reset” on that mentality. 

Finally, the fourth step focuses on building a “goal-plan” to realise the lifestyle that you want for your family, and using strategies to implement that plan so that your money supports and works towards those goals.

I know that when we have children, we don’t have the “headspace” to think about money. I know that there are so many other things going on, I know that there’s work, childcare, school, clubs, spending time with the children, spending time with each other. I know there are holidays to plan, birthday parties to organise, houses to clean, meals to cook.

I get all of that.

But we should. We should talk about money, and we should challenge our behaviour. Because how we think about, use, and talk about our finances changes once children are involved. The “dynamic” between us and our money isn’t just “us” anymore. It’s “us and the children”. Us and the people who we want to provide the best for, who we want to have “everything they need and deserve”.  It’s us and the people who are dependent on the financial choices we make. 

As a coach, my role is not to recommend you a particular product or investment.

My role is to listen. As a professional “listener”, I listen to what you want to achieve with your money, then I help you understand your “money mindset” and how your “money language” affects the financial decisions that you make.

Then after confronting how your money mentality is helping or hindering your goals, I  work with you put a “goal-plan” in place to achieve what you want, and I help you stay accountable to those goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start making your money family-friendly. 

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